Linear calibration Roland VP540?


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I have just fitted a new print head, but now it prints out of line, i have done as many test prints and settings as i can, but i get stuck when i find the Linear calib. menu, nothing happens, i think. I have had a large empty box print, but no numbers etc to make adjustments, basically i want help fixing the problems shown in my picture.......

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linear calibration vp 540

well i think this error that occur to all printer that have encoder strip, it has noting to do with the head replacement. all you have to do is clean the encoder strip and the encoder reader. the encoder reader is located on the carriage unit,and you have to remove it so cleaning is easier. when putting it back just make sure the encoder strip passes between its groove not touching either sides. i know this will certainly sort you problem.


You need to enter the service mode and also download the service manual for your printer.
The manual explains how to align the heads.