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Hey guys and girls! My brain is done thinking about my logo. When it comes to customers its much easier but designing my own is driving me insane. So i am thinking about hiring someone on here to design it for me.

The name of the business is Slo County Signs
Looking for something creative but still readable

We are a normall signs shop that does everything from digital prints, decals, all types of signs, vehicle graphics and slowly getting into vehicle wraps, banners, illuminated signs, hdu signs and ect. Some of the stuff we sub out but still offer it to the customer. Looking for something pretty quick. The incorporation papers were recieved today so I can finally switch the business name over and get business cards, put the logo on the shop trucks, ect. Please pm me for any questions.


ps. For those who have had logos done by people on here a referall would be nice. Im sure i will get a few people looking to design it and would like your help on picking out who is the most creative from experience! Thansk
Sign Amigo

Phillip is awsome. He's the only one I have used, I know there are other great designers on here but he's the only one I have worked with. He is fast and very fair priced I don't think you could go wrong with him. Good luck.


Pat Whatley

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What happened with the last logo post you made?

I can't believe you're turning down the piece Joe Diaz did. It's a little out of the ordinary but I printed it out and stuck it on the wall right in front of me. I'm borrowing from the idea for my redesign of my own.



When i first saw Joes design I thought it looked nice but didn't think it was exactly what i was looking for but after really thinking about my business like "ISIGNS" mentioned it has the creative side i was looking for but still a clean corporate style logo. I am targeting many different areas for business but the three largest are Winery's, Real estate companies, and the government. By Government i mean the military bases up in down California. I am going to do what Pat did and print it out and stare at it though out the day. Does anyone else have an opinion about the logo that Joe did?

Thanks for the slap in the face Pat!!!! I think i was so insistent on getting the perfect logo that i wasn't giving ideas a shot. If that makes sense?

Thanks Alot guys! I love these forums!


Pat Whatley

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Look, I'm happy with our current logo but I'm putting together a plan to either greatly expand or completely change the direction of the business and I'm planning on hiring a design firm to brainstorm our image, including logo (and possibly name). There's nothing wrong with getting outside input, or letting them do the job entirely.

If you still want to look at having someone else work on your logo I'd recommend Joe Diaz, Phillip Newell (neato), or Dan Antonelli (who has a whole "sign shop marketing" business).

Getting the perfect logo is not a 15 minutes process, the time and thought you're giving it will pay off in the long run.

Dan Antonelli

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Joe's is definitely cool. I might have slightly scaled the icon in proportion to the lettering so the lettering was perhaps the more dominant of the two design elements, but that's probably more of my personal opinion. And instead of having depth on signs, I might just make it flat, reversed out. Either way its cool. And while cool is cool, the reason why cool works here is that it's unexpected, and doesn't look like everyone else's. Thats really why its COOL...


Some thoughts…

I love Joe’s logo! It is VERY creative, effective and ORIGINAL.


Given your freshly revealed preferred customer base (Winery's, Real Estate Companies, and the Government), I am not sure that its persona entirely fits your intended clientele (Winery’s and Real Estate Companies yes, Government, maybe not). Then again, maybe it does. You will have to decide that. IMHO, Joe’s logo gives “me” the impression of a very creative and custom sign shop that specializes in chiseled, sand blasted, three dimensional signs or any other variety of upscale custom signage. A logo with a more corporate or sophisticated persona may be more of what you are looking for. Then again, I am not sure how corporate or sophisticate “SLO County Signs” can be. The name itself may be a liability.

Doug at Island Sign gave you sound advice in your other logo post regarding his design parameters checklist. If you haven’t already, utilize that checklist and develop a better understanding of what message or personality you are trying to convey which in turn will help others better help you. I am not sure how much more input you will receive until everyone sees that you are confident in the direction you are traveling. It is always a little discouraging to design a logo and have the customer barely give it a glance before making alternate suggestions.

Good luck


If you are going for government work toss some dog tags around the neck of Diaz's logo and call it good. I like the look. Clean and simple.


Just my 2 cents on the whole issue. I think Joe's logo is amazing. Although I do agree with Dan that maybe the word signs needs to lose its depth. Probably, just think that because of my personal design style and its really hard to say without seeing a flatter version.