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logo for downtown Arlington




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Pat Whatley

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Hey, downtown Montgomery has its own crappy logo, too....and we paid a hell of a lot more for ours and the "branding" campaign.


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some of the tackiest, slacka** crap Ive ever seen!

No talent, college educated, microsoft paint level, addy winning wannabees! BUT somebody got paid and Im sure if we run down the chain of dirt kneecaps on the Montgomery logo it will be linked to a friend of a friend of a friend


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at first glance, it looks like a logo for a pre-school bake sale. The only thing missing is the happy kid paint hand prints.

Upon closer inspection it is clearly one of two scenarios:

1 - something solicited as a contest for school kids and one lucky student was chosen as the winner and earned a partial scholarship to the local community college earning a degree in underwater basket weaving.

2 - some city council member made the logo at home in their spare time or subbed it out to a friend who sets up his sticker maker at the flea market.


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I took the vote and I'm with the other 75% of the people that voted.

Not much. It looks a little amateurish to me. (75%, 461 votes)

What's funny is more people didn't even know about downtown than people who like the logo.

Pat Whatley

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The real question shouldn't be why they paid $30,000 for that logo. The real question should be WHY CAN'T YOU get $30,000 for a logo?


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Its not $30,000 for the logo, it was $30,000 for the Logo, Banners, Signs, Billboard, Commercials and other crap spent to promote the downtown area.

Perhaps the mayor's kid does graphic design so they got a deal on the logo and all the had to do was pay to have the logo converted from word to a vector.


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Our local town council paid $20k for this beauty. They hired a professional design firm from Vancouver to create it. The need for a new design was never proposed to any local design or sign companies. However, the "professionals" they hired never even checked and it turns out the tagline they "created" is under copyrite by a wine company. The old logo design was a little dated, but at least it looked professional. Now we have twenty thousand dollars worth of spinning yellow swastikas all over town.


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    sechelt 20k logo.jpg
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Yeppers, I always been told, "It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know".

Smells like a brother-in-law deal if you ask me...



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That Sechelt logo doesn't do that place justice! Beautiful part of the country....it's probably been 10+ years since I was there but I'll never forget the time spent there!

Sorry to get off track....now back to the overpriced, underachieving logo bashing!

Musta had a girl involved.......................... :popcorn: