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Looking for a Reflective to print on.


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Hey just got the new versacamm 540 and I am looking for a reflective material that is eco solvent receptive. Does anyone have any suggestions and places where it is available...Thanks a million
Ken Scott


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3Ms IJ680 seems to respond pretty well to the versacamm. Any local dealer should be able to get you a small sample to try. Not sure which profile you can use, but 3Ms website has a stack to choose from.... Good Luck


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Best suggestion I have for you is forget about the "solvent ready" reflectives.
Several users on these boards have had good luck with the regular 3M reflective materials. 90% of the time I use 3M 3200 series, I occassionaly pull out the 680 series if its going on a vehicle.


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I have printed on a couple of "non-solvent" reflective vinyls with good results. I find it helpful to crank the heat up to 60C.


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i've printed on reflectives (white) for a state park, and all was good, it was inexpensive nechsen or oracle reflective not 3m. printed and dye cut... i used a versacamm profile for reflective from the list.