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Lot Of Fonts


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Can anyone recognize these? I know I have the small one @ home but can't think of the name. Scripts give me trouble with all the small characteristics.
Thank you


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guess I'll have to make it all as I can't get authorization to buy a fontpac. My stubborn boss is convinced I can find them online:(

Steve C.

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You might find a version of it online. But if you do you will be cheating the creator out of his due compensation. And most likely it will be a copy or renamed version of much less quality. I have seen a few pirated version of my fonts floating around with the names changed and re worked to protect the copier. And how much is your or his time worth to spend it searching free font sites? Just pay for it and you will have a quality tool for this sign and any future sign you wish to use it on. It's only $25 from SignDNA.



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Your right. I have both of your fonts printed out and hung on my wall ~sort of a wish list! I'll just pay for it myself. Didn't know it was so cheap!
Thank You!


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Just bought it , however lots more fonts I would've rather bought! I like it too!


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Dave at Sign DNA threw in a real nice xtra font! I think thats really cool and so nice of him! I should've told him I was reffered by you Steve C. but when I wrote back to thank him I told him I would would sing his praises here so here I am singing. Thank you so much!


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Message to your boss:
Purchasing a font is much more cost effective and SAFER than dealing with everything you need to do to acquire it otherwise.

Downloading fonts from unknown sources exposes you to viruses and harmful programs that allow others to explore your computer for fonts you have on your hard drive. Fonts you have paid for that they want to acquire for free.

Not all fonts are created equally. Sample fonts and free fonts often do not contain a full character set but rather only those needed to duplicate the specific logo they were designed to emulate.

Copied fonts (fonts opened, copied and renamed) often contain hundreds of erronious nodes and control handles which enlarge file sizes beyong beleif and create more cleanup work than they are worth.

Although seemingly more expensive initially, a good, quality font will save money in time used for cleanup, correction and kerning. They are well worth the investment and a collection of these fonts can seperate your work from the competition. The cost of acquiring a font can and should be easily added to the customer's bill, especially if it is specific to the job.


All good places to start. Also check with your supplier for font collections.


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Ya,, i agree. i used to hace a load of free fonts, that looked good, but actually were a pile of crap. Deleted a folder full of them,, Never used them, had strange nodes, parts missing, punctuation gone, or who knows what else. what a waste of time.

Besides, when i bought Edoras, I got a real nice tutorial on some great ideas how to use it. Well worth buying it..