Lynx 24 Problem..HELP!!!!!!


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Hey gang,
I have a Lynx 24 cutter, and i use 2.8ml 24in X 50yd. nonperforated vynl.
When i send the job to cut, the vynl starts to drift to the left under the 2 rollers. It will drift far enough on a big job to make the knife cut the edge of the vynl and ruin the whole project. Any ideas? I made sure the vynl was straight and the rollers are locked down very firm.
Thanks for any and all help.


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Takes time getting to learn just how it tracks. Assuming it's new(ish) and you don't need pinch rollers.
If you can cut a job in sections and then re align the vinyl before cutting next piece would be a worth while try. I have a 30" Panther and had the same problem, then I got used to being able to adjust it where it would track good.
Perforated or non perforated should not matter.
You won't get many positive responses on this forum though as far as your choice of cutter.....


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How old is your lynx? Mine started doing the same after a year and come to find out it was the pinch rollers. A spring attched to the rollers broke and offsets the weight on the rollers. It is written to replace them after one year and sure enough. Inspect your roller springs even the wheels wear causing the same problem.
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I've had my Lynx for just over a year and it never has tracked well. 12' is about my limit and that's with the rollers in far enough to give me 22" cuttable. I always have to prefeed.

I just see it as "I got what I paid for."


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Thank you everyone for your feedback. I will examine the pinch rollers and the springs in the morning when i go in. Let's hope that replacing them will be the only problem.


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Thank's to all of you with your ideas. I shall check the springs and rollers in the morning. I hope that replacing them will solve my problem.


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we used to have a lynx 24"
when you replace your pinch rollers - do NOT toss the old ones out
use which ever of the 2 are still good
and put one of them on the machine so you now have 3
which holds the material down much better (2 on ends and one in center)
and it still measures properly.

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Im new to the board but Ive taken the bottom roller off and fliped it over (put the left side on the right)After they get used they seem to ware on the side used the most.Its like a taperd cup one side has more traction and pulls it more. Mite help you.


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OK, I ordered 2 new pinch rollers and will have them in tomorrow. I did notice today that when the vynl was running forward, it was drifting to the left, and when it was running back, it drifted back to the right. So i'm hoping it's still the rollers. The pinch rollers are not cheap...$60 for both.

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I've never had a problem with it tracking that bad.

Realize guys, that from roll to roll, the way it is glued to the tube and how well it was rolled onto the tube will play a huge roll in tracking. Don't just set the tube and feed the vinyl and constantly use the same tracking line over and over. Each roll will act differently and track differently. I've had my Lynx 24 for 3 years and never had a problem. knock on wood!



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If you take the time to do a bunch of practice runs just feed the vinyl through the machine about 10' And see which direction it tracks. Then release the rollers and make very slight adjustments to the angle that the vinyl is coming through the cutter. Run the material through again. You should be able to get it to track fairly good. Then use a piece of 1/2" vinyl about 12" long and stick down right next to the edge of your material in the cutter. This will give you an guide to go by, and you can line the next roll up by this guide and save the headaches.

I've had two cutters and the alignment guides that came on them were never that accurate.


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How did you make out with the new pinch rollers? I have a Lynx also, just made 40 4'x6' banners with it and it tracked perfectly every time. My cutter is close to 2 years old and still on the original rollers. Granted I dont use the cutter often, its a supplimental piece of equipment to my awards business.

However, now that I am doing more and more with it, I am looking to upgrade.