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Machine running un-attended.


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Would like to know if my SP-540V Roland runs out of ink, do the heads "park" in a safe way, or is there risk of heads, lines, etc. drying up? I'd like to run it more un-attended, so to speak, but am afraid of damage if it should run out of ink.

What experience do you have with this? Appreciate any comments.


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You know, I worked too hard to have the things we have in the shop… to run the risk of letting something run unattended and ruin it. We will let our printer run, if I’m out cutting the grass or go to the store or while we’re all working in the shop, but I will always return for spot checks, before any real damage can occur. I don’t even care how much the insurance will cover it… I don’t want to be out of commission for any reason I can avoid. Call me paranoid or what ever else fits; I’d rather be safe than sorry.

I feel this way, if we can’t get the job done in a 12-hour day or over a few 12-hour days, then I should be rolling in the money to be able to afford a faster machine or a second machine.

As for your question, you should probably ask an actual ‘Roland’ tech or rep. They should have a more concrete answer. :wink:


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It's my understanding that the cartridges are not run until empty...there is enough to keep the ink lines full until you replace the cart. I had (2) colors run out in the middle of a print run over the weekend, and I did notice that the head parks until you replace the cartirdge.

My main concern would be what the heaters would do to the static vinyl over an extended period...mine would look like a roller-coaster, but I run them maxed.

I would also recommend asking your tech.


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Last time I had enough work, due soon enough, to consider running my printer unattended... I camped out on a mat on the floor near the printer & ran it all night, but just running 30 feet at a time & waking up to send the next 30 feet after verifying that the take-up spool was tracking correctly & the litte hold-down clips were still in place as the edges of my media fed under the print area. Things tracked very well... but I considered it well worth being there to be safe.

I work round the clock quite often without napping, but I think I had already burnt both ends of the candle all the way to the middle at that point & then took on another rush job with the intention to get a little shut-eye during the night shift. I hardly slept, but the resting allowed me to roll right into my next 8 hour day without going home.

Yes... I charged good money for that service.


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I remember the 1st time I let our printer run after hours, I think I came in twice just to double/triple check everything was fine..
But now I do it all the time with out worry..
It's nice to get the big jobs out of the way while your hom esleeping it's almost like having a "night shift".
I'd ask your Tech like everyont suggested then go for it, Once you get used to it you'll love it.