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Manual for CAMM1 PNC-950

Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
Last time I'll bug anybody with this...

I've tried everything imaginable to get this Roland Camm-1 PNC-950 to communicate with my Omega software and cut jobs I try to send to it.

Basically, it was dropped off here with no software, has less than a week's production time on it according to orig. owner, and he said it worked flawlessly "on his Mac". He also told me "good luck" with gettin' it running on a PC. Now I know why he said that.

I've never owned a Roland. I haven't heard back yet from emails to Roland about possibility of needing drivers for WinXP, etc. In fact, the absolute MOST help I've gotten has been from top level (&top notch people IMO) at GERBER to get it running on Omega software. That speaks incredible volumes to me about the company whose equipment I've chosen three times now. But I won't presume upon Gerber further for help with Roland equip.

QUESTION is: anybody who knows about/owns same machine, can ya tell me what setup software I need to find for this plotter if any? I got the manual downloaded - courtesy of the efforts again of GERBER. But like I said - no responses from Roland. Also, IF it's legal and above board, can I get a copy of said setup software on a CD from an owner of a similar machine? (orig. owner can't recall what he got as far as software when he bought this).

THANKS a million.

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
The roland drivers for the camm1 can be downloaded from Rolanddg.com- they're only a meg or so in size. Just probe around the site for legacy machines (old Camm-1 plotters), and your own operating system (w98, XP or whatever).
Replies from them are not something I've ever received.

You CAN plot from Corel version 7 & up, straight to the plotter with a bit of a learning curve, and some setting up.
It's not too intuitive however, and can be frustrating, till it works, then it's a dream!


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the rolanddga site has drivers I cut straight from Corel to my roland. OP Is the man on that I believe, but I love my Roland.:wine-smi:

Ian Stewart-Koster

Older Greyer Brushie
Here's the WinXP driver for all that series of PNC plotters from Roland's site :

and here's the page it came from:
(if you can't access that page then back up a few pages & click <I agree> on whatever page requires it then go to <downloads>, an get back top that link then. The driver is 317k in size, but it also needs the original installer setup file, so look for the win98 or win95 version and use the setup from that to set it up, then use the XP upgrade driver.
Here's the Win95-98 driver:

Hope that helps, there's not much more I can offer- there's a hurdle to overcome, but it's not huge. Setting the plotter up with the right display options should be simple if you have the manual, except it was in pre-WinXP days, so there is a bit of a workaround needed there.

Failing that, freight the plotter downunder & I'll 'store' it for you!


New Member
Arlo - what type of interface are you using from the PC to the CAMM1 ... serial or parallel? I am pretty sure that model does not have USB. I was never successful in getting my CAMM1 PNC-1000 to "talk" properly to my PC using parallel and always used the serial connection. That beings said, any old serial cable WILL NOT WORK!!!! What you need is a null modem cable or the one that Roland used to sell as the XYRS-63 or -64. I had two, but unfortunately, they both went along with the CAMM1 in Feb. when I sold it. Perhpas a look around on eBay or Google will yield a positive result. And what Camn says is correct ... with the new XP drivers from Roland, it cuts perfectly fine direct from CorelDRAW ( I am using Vr.12) I tested my trusty old CAMM1 with this configuration before I put it on eBay, just to ensure that it really did work :)
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Arlo Kalon 2.0

New Member
Amazing Site...

For ALL the replies between my last one up above and this one, I am absolutely thankful to all of you. I just opened me eyes, notta sip of caffeine yet, but HAD to tell ya this first. Ya R incredible people@signs101!

P.S.... Ian - IF this machine defies my every attempt... plus I dislike non-intuitive processes... then you'll be 1st in line to get it IF it doesn't stay with me!!! (Ya just gotta put me & missus up a few nights when we personally deliver it to your beautiful world down there).


New Member
Arlo, Like 2Niner2, I had a camm1 that didn't work via parrallel port, had to use serial with a null modem adaptor.


Tibbs Art

New Member
I need help on this one please...

I know this thread was posted along time ago, but I'm hoping someone can help me out.
I also have Omega and I want to hook up the drivers for my Roland PNC950.
I'm hopeless at loading drivers etc and would really appreciate any help.
I've got the drivers saved to my desktop but I can't figure out how to get Omega to read them.
Please help.



Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Omega won't read or use the Roland drivers. Omega is setup to drive Gerber plotters and other brands with their own drivers. Have you tried selecting the included Roland drivers from the Gerber System Tray? There is one for the PNC-900 and one for the PNC-1000A.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Tryed that, no luck.
Is it because my plotter is LPT1 and Omega uses com ports?


Sounds like it but don't take that as final. I have never run a Roland plotter. Others here may be of assistance in that regard. Perhaps there's a way to adapt your plotter to run from a com port or to use output from the USB port.


New Member
Please help also

I have a problem with my PNC 950 using Flexi 6.5. It has worked great for years, and know every time I send a job to my cutter it says waiting for device. The cutter will do a test cut with no problem and we can use Flexi to design. But when we send a job to the cutter we do not get the Flexi screen
that allows you to change media size and orientation. I have reloaded
Flexi and still have problem. Please if you have seen this let me know. Thank You.