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Material recommendation for trailer wrap

Zack Bunning

New Member
I am about to try my first trailer wrap and I am looking for some recommendations as to what the best vinyl and laminate combo would be to do this. I am practicing on my own riveted trailer. Any help would be appreciated!


Active Member
Best is just an opinion based on anecdotal evidence. I'll add fuel to the debate.

Arlon 6000xrp with 3220 lamination is my go to.


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Since you are new to wraps, try and get a material that is low initial tack.
Will make it much easier

we like Arlon SLX with matching 3270

Modern Ink Signs

Premium Subscriber
3M IJ180c with 8518 lam. You can go with 180cv3 but you are paying more for the adhesive technology


Avery 1105ez with 1460 lam

I’ve worked with and use both

The Avery will be a lower initial tack and easier for air egress. I would recommend that no matter what product you go with, go with a CAST product not calandered.

Make sure you cut your panel seams.

BTW Whiskey if they can be removed they are screws not rivets. Rivets are permanent (lol - we know what you meant)

So if you have screws and they can be removed, do so. Then let your adhesive set for and hour or so and then buy them back in. You may also want to invest in the proper bits for removing screws like this. Also have some on hand just in case you damage a screw head or drop one and can’t find it. That is until you drive over it with your own vehicle! Lol

Hope it goes well and if you need more advise we are here. Post some pics when you are done!