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May I Introduce Myself


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Hey guy's, I just realized last night that I had been hanging out here a lot and had never taken the time to introduce myself. At first I didn't see the need. But after giving my opinion on several things, I thought I should let people judge for themselves whether to give any weight to what I had to say.

My business is probably a little different from some of you. I concentrate on big electric signs for the most part. We do anything that comes in the door, but we like the big signs, high rise pylons, channel letters and so on. We design, fabricate and install. I also do a lot of installation for national account companies. This keeps my equipment running while I'm not installing my stuff. I have 4 trucks and 9 employees so I have to keep them running.

Here's a link to some stuff I put up for signs 101 viewing only.

It mainly shows a few of the things we've done and the stuff we use to do it with. I didn't have time to take any pics of the vinyl area or the fab shop.

We used to do screen printing and embroidery but it just got to be too much. It was 10% of my sales and 90% of my problems, so I sold that part of the business. I felt like we were leaving money on the table by not being able to concentrate on a particular segment of the business. So far that has proven to be true. It's been almost a year and I don't regret it.

I've been in business for myself all my life and I like this business better than any other that I've been involved with. The main reason I like it so much is, if you do what you say you'll do, and do it on time, people will come back and slowly forget about price. I'm sure you guy's know that there are a lot of people in our business that don't do this. But, instead of bitching about it we should be thankful that they are there.

I really enjoy coming here and reading everything. Well, nice meeting everyone and try and take it easy on me, I'm fragile.
Well here is an official welcome from Florida!

Nice website, gorgeous equipment, and a very good looking portfolio!

Nince to see that even contractors want to be a part of this surly bunch!!!!


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Thanks, it's a kick but truck. You can park it anywhere, turns on a dime and goes to 90ft. And, its not CDL. Brakes are air over hydaulic.


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Welcome From Hanford, Cal

Awesome stuff Gerald. Glad you posted the link. Totally first rate stuff! :thumb:

:U Rock: :Welcome: :beer

Hey Gerald - If you move a little further south, or even west, I am sure some of us would be willing to fill out job apps - if we can get to drive the trucks that is :biggrin:


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howdy from North central Texas Gerald do I assume you tig weld? very nice work & always wanted to play with tig welder & learn.