Metallic inks with a Mimaki CJV30


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Has anyone had any luck getting a sparkle or metal flake effect using the ES3 ink set in a Mimaki CJV30-130? We are trying one out after seeing some handout charts printed by Mimaki themselves that have that appearance. No luck so far, Mimaki is no help, they say it's not possible, too bad they continue to hand out sample charts with nice sparkly chips!


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The only way to get the "metalflake" effect is to print on that material. It actually looks look like a candy type paint since the inks are not opaque.
A member here posted pics of his shop truck with panels printed on metallic, way cool.

Too bad Mimaki has to be dishonest with their marketing, but there is no way to print the flakes to get that effect. I do custom paint work from time to time and there are specialized guns for the sole purpose of doing flake jobs. They are useless for anything else.


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We regularly print on Avery Ultra Metallic silver..... do need to wipe it down with alchohol first since vinyl not really intended for print is not guaranteed free of contaminants.

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I just saw some full colour stickers reverse printed on frosted sparkle and backed up by white which gave a pretty nice sparkle effect.


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reverse printing has an advantage over forward/top prints in that it forces all the platelets of metal powder to lay evenly against the smooth factory finish creating maximum reflective angle.