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Mimaki CG-130 FX II plotter - how to start without filling the floor ?

Ian Stewart-Koster

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Hi Folks,
This should be an easy fix, but I've been a Roland plotter used for 20 years, and understand them.
We bought a lovely Mimaki CG-130 FX II a few months ago, and it came with Finecut (v8, I think), which I installed and got it going.

It does a terrific job of plotting most things, BUT my problem is everytime I turn it on, it wants to search for cut registration marks, and feed the whole roll of vinyl onto the floor looking for them - even when they're not there.

I'd love to know how to turn it on and just check material width, then wait to be advanced or rewound a bit, then wait for plot instructions or file.

I seem to have to interrupt the fast-forward feed process,before it lands on the floor, and after catching it three times, it behaves and lets me settle it to plot.
That's a pain to have to do each time.

I have the instruction book, but am still feeling dumb - Pease help!


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Something doesn't sound right because if it was looking for registration marks that aren't there it should fail, and give "error 36 Mark Detect", when it can't find the first one and not continue further.

Make sure you are selecting roll and not leaf when it asks you. If you hit leaf it will roll the entire roll on to the floor as you describe.


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Make sure you are selecting roll and not leaf when it asks you. If you hit leaf it will roll the entire roll on to the floor as you describe.

^^This. You're pressing the wrong key when you load it. After you insert the vinyl and close the clamp, you should be pressing the left arrow key for Roll. It will check the left and right edges of the vinyl and then find the leading edge. The display will then read TP1, meaning it's ready to be set to read registration marks. If you're doing a straight cutting job, not from a print, you cancel TP1 by pressing END.


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Turn Off Mark Dectection.

Setup, Mark Detection, Off. <ENTER>

If the plotter was second hand, would be good to SETUP, SETUP RESET, to take all parameters to default settings.


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^ above mentioned +1'd.

else, quickest way without changing any settings:
step 1: when you load material, it give you option for "roll" or "leaf", select "roll". Else "leaf" will cause the plotter to want to scan the whole length of the material loaded.
step 2: after that, the machine will scan L/R and then track to the front of your vinyl and prompt "mark detection" or "TP1"......just hit "End"
and you're set....by default, front corner is your home. if you wish to set a different "home", move via up/down/L/R arrows and hit "tool">"enter" and it sets home there.
(edited to add that i'm huge fan of moving the home up an inch or two so that the front of the vinyl doesn't catch on in the front groove of the plotter..... which ALWAYS happens if there's a slight curl to the vinyl, causing the vinyl to lift off of the media-sensor and throw you an error message as if there's no media on the plotter.)