Mimaki Cost of Ink?

I know this is an old question but after looking for hours I have yet to find an answer. I have a Mimaki JV3 130SPII and am trying to figure out what my ink cost roughly is. I'm thinking of lowering a couple prices since the competition insists on lowballing everyone and don't want to burn myself. I recently a few months back switched over to Nazdar inks and the 440's are only $67 which yes is cheap.

So does anyone have a formula to figure a price? I don't have Flexi 10 only Flexi 8.1 so it does not have the built in ink estimator cost tool


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the cost of the ink is not going to make or break competing against lowballers :rolleyes:

we run a 130spII also, using OEM inks, we just plan on a $1 a square for ink cost no matter what, it doesn't use near that at all, but parts cost money

ink consumption will vary from day to day and job to job, heavy coverage to light coverage etc, it could cost 8 cents a square today, 40 cents a square tomorrow......


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I have a cjv-30 running with rasterlink 5 and it calculates the ink usage. You can see it going to properties > results after printing the image and it tells you.


AWESOME!!! Currently we are at about 1cc/sqft on a 720x1440 with 8 passes. Which is about 30 cents a square foot if my math serves me correctly.
we ran a 2 week analysis of our ink use from all 4 printers in the shop and came up with a running average of $0.22 per square foot. I use $0.25 as a low cost estimation for jobs sine then and $0.50 for higher coverage.

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I run the triangle inks on a jv33 160 and we calculate it at $.32 per sqft which is what we figured after printing a very very large black area with cmyk for black.

If I had to guess average full print no white vinyl left and not printing black its around $.15 to .20 sqft avg.
bear how do you like the triangle inks? I have been using Lyson by Nazdar and they are great plus to be honest I pay $67 for a 440 which is a steal but I've heard triangle have really really good color? I thought my Lysons where good but any info?


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We use Triangle in our JV33.... have for a couple of years with no issues with the ink. Great color and just works well. We run their bulk system which uses 2 liter ink bags. Ink costs are considerably lower. To take advantage of an ink with a wider gamut, you have to create your own profiles.


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wow, zombie thread. question was answered above, and simple math could be the solution, but I guess posting the same question 5+ years later might yield different results.....
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