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Motorcycle Artwork?????

Heinzen Sign

New Member
Have a new client - needs some signage for a BIKER BAR. I am looking for direction on where to find some cool motorcycle line art. Any suggestions on where to look????


New Member
I'm interested on what's considered a "Biker Bar".....

If it's geared towards doctor and lawyer Yuppie "bikers",
then you can find some of the Orange County Chopper type "bikes" on extremeclipart.com...
If it's for real bikers, come up with a logo of a partying pig or
a silhouette of a nubile woman or something.



New Member
real "hardcore bikers" like the bar i had dont much care about art.....only that the bar is far enough from any cops......so they can enjoy the place.
YUPPIE bikers, are all about "ambiance" and would be more appreciative of art work......

Heinzen Sign

New Member
Biker Bar!

Around these parts a biker bar is Harleys, leather, fights and nudity. The yuppies all tool around on their Honda Goldwings and think they are cool.