Moving Day!

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We have had plans for a while to move into a new shop and we are pretty excited that we have finally started moving. The new shop is pretty sweet! We currently have enough room in our old shop but the layout is not that ideal, since now our graphics department is on two different levels and, right in the center of our warehouse, there is a large concrete block storage/bathroom area that really just exists to take up space. We have been packing up the last couple of days and just started loading the first truck for the move this morning.:rock-n-roll:

Here are a few pics of the space and a quick layout (one of many that we have put together) of how we might organize the shop.

New-Shop-001.jpg New-Shop-005.jpg New-Shop-006.jpg New-Shop-007.jpg Shop-Layout.jpg


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Awesome Larry, I'm jealous!

Please post up some moving-in pictures and some moved in pictures! I love seeing people's work environments.

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Flippin' awesome Larry !! Congrats on the new space and good luck with new growth of your business.

Team One Displays

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Thanks! It's been a busy week of moving!

We have moved 13 semi's and 4 flatbed trucks full of inventory and equipment so far. Thankfully we are just about done. Late last week we moved our offices into the new space. This week we are focusing on moving the remaining items from our old shop and setting up all of our equipment. We have been running airlines and 3 phase power to the CNC table the last two days and hope to have the Shopbot operational late this afternoon.

The printers and laminators in the old shop were probably the hardest things to move - they were on the second floor inside the warehouse. We had to remove an interior window on the second floor, drive the forks on the lift into the room, carefully load the printers and laminators, and manuever back out the window. All went well and the printing department is pretty much set up in the new shop now.

Here are a few more pics - as we set up I'll post some more photos.


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Team One Displays

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A few more pics.


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d fleming

Down this way it costs a fortune to cool in the summer. Some of our winters can be tough too. Double whammy. What a sweet setup though, rock on!