Mutoh Print Head issues...All nozzles Present

Gyasi Robb

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Hi Everyone

I have a Mutoh 1624x and Suddenly getting bad prints. White and Fuzzy lines all over all my Photo Prints. We have all our nozzles and have done multiple cleanings. ANy idea what the issue could be our or next steps? This happened suddenly and our print quality has suffered since then. We have ordered a New Wiper to change it in case the wiper is bad. Any other suggestions?

See pics of some prints and print head


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I can't imagine you have all nozzles on the printhead if you have that printout.
Add please picture of nozzle check. From service mode will be better.
Big drops - because your printhead has missalignment while print. It can be wrong step adjust or printhead align.
Is your heat on? I don't know if it's the picture quality or not, but that looks suspiciously like a lack of heat during printing.
A pic of the nozzle check would also be very useful.


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1. when cleaning check if wiper moves front to back if you had perfect nozzles and suddenly nothing just wiper
2. can be cap and pump not working properly or pump clogged...


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I've had a very similar issue with a roll of Avery. I pulled my hair out for 2 days until I tried test prints on other media. Strangest thing was out of the two rolls of exactly the same Avery, 1 roll printed great the other was almost identical to your pic.