Mutoh repaired!

A local sign shop had a Mutoh 6 color printer setting in their garage covered with dust. I asked them what they were going to do with it and ended up repairing it for them.

Got all colors back to 100% except black which was about 70%. After I got it going I found out that it sat in a barn for a year or more. The shop bought it a year ago and just left it sit for another year.

I'm not sure if I would have tackled the job if I had known how long it had been setting. It was exposed to temperatures from about freezing to 104 degrees.

Now they want me to get a Roland print head going again. Same amount of storage.:banghead:

I love a challenge!:toasting:


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this looks like a balatant attempt to reanimate a dead topic.
if only people would let it lie by not posting more comments!
Update Please?
Have not got the black on the Mutoh back to 100% yet. Did get the roland SolJet pro II sj740 back to very near 100% on all 6 colors.

We estimate that the printers have been setting between 2 and 3 years. The dampers were pretty much dried up in both machines.

We want to set up 3 printers on one computer which is something I have not done before. We are waiting for a technician to come and tell us what we need to get them going or set it up if we have everything.

Once that is done, I'll get back into the machines to get them going. I'll put in new pumps and wipers since they have been setting so long. Also need to go in and clean some on the inside of the machines and make sure the encoder strips are clean.

We're getting there.

Both machines are up and running. You couldn't tell that they ever set idol from the prints. All heads are printing at least 95% in both machines.

The Roland needed a new feed motor.

The best part is that now that I got the machines working again, I get all the printing I need free. I did save them about $10,000 so they are getting a bargain.

I was told yesterday that the owner was about ready to haul them to the dump when I showed up and told them I could fix them. I could have gotten them pretty cheep.:banghead: