My first hanging sign


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I'm hanging a sign, approx. 4' x 4', and am uneasy about failure due to wind(its a windy area). I'm leaning towards eye screws in 3/4" MDO, or eye screws in dowels and then inserted with epoxy in HDU(to keep the weight down). I Would like advice on the safest route for such a large sign(the client may want me to go even larger). Thanx.

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Howdee from VA...........

You need some brackets that bolt to the MDO and then attach to the eye bolts......

Signwearhouse has them.......


If you get all the advise you can get here, and still don't feel good about it, I'd sub it out to someone who knows more about it, and let it be their problem. (As long as they are insured!)


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depending on where you're hanging it....i try to attach a chain towards the bottom of the sign and the off to a wall or post...this way if it's windy, the sign won't swing around too much


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No, you can't just put eyescrews into the top of the sign. You need something that will be bolted thru the sign face. And the hanging bracket needs to be just as sturdy. This is a case where over-building is in your best interest.