My First Vehicle Job!


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So, I joined this forum a year ago. But I have only posted once, so I'm still a newbie! I have finally started using my Graphtec cutter to make my husbands signs for his trucks. I was just wondering what everyone thinks of them.


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New Member thats A SIGN!!!!!!
i like it for the fact you DIDNT USE ANY LOWER CASE!!!!
bold, impactfull, sends its message.........without eye strain to figure out wat it says!!!!!!!
on the trailer? should put the phone number below the word CONSTRUCTION, or pulled up the bullets, and made phone number biger below that.


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Thank You! With the phone number, that's what I was thinking, but my husband thought it would be fine in the corner. Then afterwards, he decided I was right! Sheesh. So we put it bigger on the front of the trailer.


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I know I am a newb and don't know much about signs, but I do know it would look better on a Chevy....LOL J/K

I will be glad when I get my equipment and
start doing jobs...