My new logo

Need to get away from flames and checkerboard look i have had. Wanting to move away from motorsports and do more commercial work.


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I dream of... my eyes hurt?

Work on color contrast there. If you want retro kickback it could be a fun logo. Does it pertain to your business? ehhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't really see that. But if you're stuck on that kind of look, just really work on your colors and stroke thickness.


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no, no, and no. trying too hard to be retro, colors dont work, doesnt pass the eyes wide open test.


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I think, not.

Many of the reasons have already been mentioned above, but more importantly.... it's really in bad taste.

Oh yeah, and I'd like a double scoop chocolate with malt in mine. Hold the egg.


Thanks for hurting my eyes

Seriously though my eyes do hurt. It looks to be too playful. There are a few members here who do logo designs at reasonable prices. Give Phillip (Sign Amigo) a message or Joe Diaz or Dan Antonelli. Nothing wrong with letting professionals do what they do for your company. Phillip did mine and i love it.


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it's not horrible, if you tone it down and make a few tweeks it may be useable. right now it looks like a sign at a drive-in movie theatre, nothing signs or graphics about it.

1) take the phone number and location off the logo, neither of these things belong in your logo.

2) the colours you chose lack contrast with each other, view the design in greyscale to see what i mean.


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reminds me of The Jetsons

turn off color in your editor and change the font to something that is more "business" like and less kid or party. DO NOT add color until after you get something that looks good in black and white first.

go ahead and post your next version here so we can help you further or for some continue to poke you in the side ;-)


logo looks great, you just need to respell the name to Kustom Kreations :wink:


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Here it is after removing color information. It really shows the issues you have with contrast in this layout.


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