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Nail salon cliparts!


New Member
A customer brought these 2 small pictures and wanting to have them blown up and put on their nail salon windows.
Could anybody point me in the right direction on where i can find them?


New Member
This where Eric will really shine .
And don't be cheap!
Let him make some money.
Those are really crappy images and Eric will provide ready-to-cut files to you for a reasonable cost.
I dont know ...he's just helped me out with this kind of stuff before..and it worked well.


New Member
Maybe something on this site.
Patrick Nagel was the artist who made pictures in that style.
I am lucky enough to have three of his prints.
I also have a few images on the Artie Schilling Vehicle Graphics CD (nothing nail salon) that you get free with a SignGold starter kit.

Gordy Saunders

New Member
Those signs are all over the place here in Tampa. They are printed on clear and put on the inside of the window. I'm going out later today to do an install. I'll try to stop and look at one and see if it has any identification on it.

Gordy Saunders

New Member
Grafia.com is the place. I checked a couple of them out this afternoon while I was out. Stopped in a Nail Supply Store and they had some but not the ones you want. They retail for $70.00 to $100.00. The Supply Store Owner said he has to order them by the 100 lot, and he couldn't order just one. Hope this helps you out.


New Member
I hope that I am not out of place, but I could re-create that for you no problem. Then it would be a vector and you could make it what ever size you want. Just thought I would throw it out there.