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Name This Font!!!!!!!!!


New Member
OR IS IT SOMETHING SOMEBODY MANIPULATED??? iknow the S is played with......the drop down curles on the M,N & H must be too.


New Member
Other people might have said " NAME THIS FONT...please"
But when you get old and cantankerous..I guess you can get away with that.
Looks like modified Bahaus to me.


New Member
He means when a client brings you a sketch that looks like someone vomitted on a piece of paper, and they proudly hold it up and say:
"Can you make me something like this? My nephew drew it. He took an art class at summer camp in 1985."
Worse than Nephew Art is Wife Art..."Do you like this? The Little Mrs. whipped it up in Microsoft Word."
Whatever font it was, OP, don't forget to dot the "i"...or did they mean to do that?


New Member
I Agree with Ken - Modified Bauhaus -

And I agree with JillBeans - Bad Family Art ! ! !

AND YOU ARE WRONG AS KEN WAS...it is ALBA SUPER, it is a free downloaded font and i think it used to be in some older versions of PRINT SHOP & some other low priced desktop publishing programs. i know i had seen it before....but couldnt put a name on it.
and jill hit the NEPHEW on the head.......