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Anyone tried the Nazdar inks for Mimaki? I have a JV33-160 and was looking at other options. Tried Mega inks and did not like at all!



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I don't know about Mimaki, but I know someone who switched their inks to Nazdar in a Dilli flatbed by the recommendation of their distributor and its been nothing but a nightmare for them since. The tech is in their place routinely. From what they told me, he's there about two or three times a month. I don't know if it's th Dilli's fault or the fault of non-OEM inks.

Most machines are built around the ink.... not the other way around. When you're talking big expensive machinery and you're only doing it to save money.... how much cheaper can you go sometimes before something really goes wrong ??


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I've watched this forum for quite a while and usually when there's a post about clogged heads or ink starvation yada yada yada. There's usually a "we've switched to ....." you name it brand of ink in the post somewhere. OEM ink is not only manufactured specifically for your machine, it also has a better quality pigment (finer particles) and closely monitored formulation. There's a reason it's more expensive, would you spend $1,000 to $2,000 for the best paint gun in the world (ok, they're not that expensive but stay with me here) and then run the cheapest Wal-Mart latex you could find through it? Maybe that's not the best comparison but you get the idea. Heads for your machine are over $1,000 plus installation if you don't install them yourself, how much Nazdar ink are you going to have to run through that machine to "save" enough to pay for one of those (not to mention the down time and frustration of diagnosing the "cause" of your problem). We've had a JV3 since '03 and I can honestly say we've NEVER had a clogged head, ink starvation.... ANY down time to anything that couldn't be traced back to operator error, head strikes, etc.... one time we had some ink that had been expired for 3 months and the operator didn't want to admit they hadn't rotated like they were supposed to and fortunately the damper caught it before it got to the head.
I'm rambling.... risk it if you want to.... save a few cents a foot on your print or pay later:rolleyes:. Only you can decide. But do a search on ink problems and see what you find out.... make an educated decision and then you have nobody to blame...


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Our 5 year old JV3 has never used OEM inks. From date one was Triangle solvent ink for 3 years, switched to jetbest mild solvent for two years now.

How much money saved during 5 years? $30k.

Don't think Mimaki, Mutoh make their own inks.


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Non-OEM inks have a bad stigma surrounding them due to low-quality products from suppliers just trying to make a quick buck. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this subject. This debate will go on and on. But, there is a reason why Nazdar and our largest competitors have been successful.

Also, the price difference between 3rd-party inks and OEM inks has nothing to do with the cost of raw materials, trust me. The difference is based on the simple fact that printer owners will pay whatever the OEM asks them to pay for ink. How many OEM ink price increases have you seen in the past five years?

I'm not here to debate anyone on the subject. If you use OEM ink then I wish you the best and I know you'll be very successful.

Tourney - if you have any questions or would like to discuss, feel free to contact me.

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I have been using Nazdar screenprint inks and chemicals for over thirty years now. They are the best at product and customer service. Since switching from OEM to Nazdar inks for my seiko, not one problem. Just as I expected.


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I'm running Nazdar Inks in our Valuejet.
Prints better more scratch resistant.
Can't fault them.
It works out nearly 75% cheaper to buy in.



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Mimaki JV 3

We switched to Nazdar about a year ago on our JV 3 and have had no problems. We save $20 per cartridge.


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I love the way OEM inks's them cartridges I can't handle. Why force it on us. I sure love my bulk ink system, can't get that standard with the smaller printing systems.