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Need .EPS file opened.....


New Member
I have a file that might be corrupt or it was MAC generated.
I can't open it in any program.
Can someone give it a try for me please?
Thank you


New Member

I went into the files properties and clicked hidden by mistake....
now I don't see it.
How can I return to the previous state?


New Member
Shovel go to windows explore >tools>folder options turn on hidden files. Then click on the directory where the file is and click on view>details. Then in the window with the files right click on the gray title bar and select attributes. Right click on file click on property and at the bottom you can change attributes.


New Member
I should've known that....

thanks to you both.
Still need it opened...maybe Signlab or something else
can parse it. Flexi, which is usually my last resort, can open "corrupt"
files...but not this time.
Anyone on a MAC??:cool1: