Need honest, non-ripping feedback on Enduracut plotters

Can we get some honest feedback on the Enduracut 24" plotters from S.W.? And not "S.W. sux, Enduracut sux, get a real plotter you cheap @$$". I'm looking for some real feedback from users who have used one in a real production environment, and what the drawbacks are compared to higher-end models.



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you cannot compare a professional grade machine with a casual use machine. there is a reason why professional machines cost more.
Techman, I always respect your opinion, but I need a real technical breakdown on the machine versus pro level machines. Looking at specs is one thing, I was actually looking for experiences.

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We run three SW machines pretty hard. We have two Lynx's and a Panther. They are very accurate, but slow. When we wear them out we will get something better, but they get the job done.


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Look at the Graphtec FC5000 series or the Roland GX. Both are good pro entry cutters for not a lot of money. SW sells them too.


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We had a SW Bobcat cutter for awhile, I think it is almost if not the same as the Eduracut. It worked, but the tracking sucked on long cuts. Never had any problems with it other than a belt issue that was easy to fix.


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I have not used a chinese cutter, yet have talked with somebody (long time friend) who has when I was deciding what to buy for my first machine. Anyways, he told me that it would cut his personal vinyl stuff fine, yet not perfect. While he did not have problems with it most of the time, he would still take a customer's project to work with him and complete it on a Roland. He also said customer support was almost non-existant. He owned this chinese cutter for about 6 months before buying a Roland gx24, and now he doesn't have to bring any projects to work.

He was not the only one I talked to about which cutter to buy. 90% of them told me to go with a Roland, the other 10% were suggesting Graphtec.

While I have not used a chinese model personally, I can state that I am very happy I spent a few extra dollars and bought a Roland. Never had to tell a customer that I could not complete the job due to something breaking or not cutting the vinyl the way it was supposed to. I only had to call my Roland dealer ONCE, and that was for cleaning and mantainence advice. Any cutting mistakes with my Roland were confined to that spot between the office chair and the

If like me, one factor is price and that is why you are probably thinking of the chinese ones. There are some good used non-chinese cutters available, all you have to do is keep checking forums such as this one in the For Sale section.

Good luck in your search.



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The EnduraCuts aren't like the Chinese cutters from Desay or Creation. Supposed to be from GCC which would make them a little better because they're from Taiwan. If you're still wanting something economical , Signwarehouse also has their Q Series cutters. Those are built by Graphtec. They sell at a higher price than the enduracuts, but are of better quality. Most of the issues that have been discussed pertaining to the Enduracuts are going to be with tracking, speed, and noise output. Of course, the name brand machines are going to be the best, but you will have to shell out more cash.
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ENDURA CUT SUKS..........technically speaking!!!!!)))))))
you want to hear all the good stuff only and since you already PAID FOR want to FEEL GOOD about what a great deal you made??? NOT!!!!!!!!!
look kid,(i can say that iam 62)learn early...YOU GET WHAT YOZE PAYZ FOR!!!!!!
I never owned one, wont.....i spent $1600 for my 1st cutter and it was a ROLAND PNC-1000 used!!!!!! and by todays money that would be $2000-2500 now!!!!! now i see USED ROLANDS on here all the should jumped on one a them.....problem with what you got will need to upgrade much sooner.....then if you spent a little more and got a name brand plotter.
i been in business since 86, full time. 92 i got my 1st plotter. iam now on #4...ROLAND CX-300. i didnt ever have to upgrade, i did cause i got good deals and i wanted better.
get you head outa the chinese sand....and see the light))))))


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the endura cuts, are basically PCUT machines, they use the same blades, and the same pinch rollers, so I can only guess they are the same machines.

Pcuts are not great.


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the endura cuts are not pcuts, they are made by GCC.
endura cuts are a hobby cutter, if you want to get into the business buy a professional cutter:

Roland, Graphtec, Q Series, Summa


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You want real advice you can count on with credibility ?? Don’t ask opinionated type questions. No one has the specifics you want and if they do, will you believe them or even understand them ?? Take your time if this is a big ordeal for you and go research it for yourself and find your own answers at various vendors. Take the files to them and have them run several jobs and see which machine has the best results. Then if you buy the wrong thing, you can only be mad at yourself.

Trying to control a debate will only get you bashed. Simply ask your questions and get ready for every type answer coming in…. or forever hold your tongue.

Get a real cutter that is well known for strength, reliability and durability and stop trying to cut corners with one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in your arsenal. :thumb:


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I can't speak on the endura cut, but I do have a Seiki (Chinese "plotter"). It's a 38" machine that pretty much fell into my lap for about $50.00. Hard to pass it up, and I got 3 rolls of vinyl (10 yard rolls) and premask (probably about 74 yards left on it) for that $50.00 too.

All in all, I feel it was a good deal.

BUT my main machine is a Rolad GX-24. I love it.

The main differences between the two:

Cannot cut a straight line. It's "straight-ish". What I mean is, if you cut a line with it and go in tight to examine it, it's actually wavy.

Every now and again it will forget to raise the blade and cut through what you are trying to plot which just wastes that material.

The pinch rollers; I don't care how much you tweak em, they don't grip properly. If you have anything more than 2 feet long it starts to offtrack.

Oh, and it leaves a horrid pinch roll pattern on the vinyl, like tiremarks on the underside.

Some of the parts inside are plastic instead of metal. Seems to me like it would be prone to breaking fairly easy.

The instruction book, while in english, is vot translated very well.
"If vinyl discrepencies does you show not good ajdust rollers of the pinch outward and close again." what the hell? word for word, i cannot make that up.

ZERO support for it. If it breaks, you MUST be a fair amount mechanically inclined.

It smells like a skunk (he told me it was like that from day one of taking it out of the box).

the plotter pen is actually a ball-point pen placed inside a blade holder.

You cannot attach it to your machine via USB (you can but you get all kinds of strange cuts when you send your work to cut).

It has no way to measure between the pinch rollers so you have to use a tape measure to adjust the distance, and manually set it to origin point after each cut.

I think that gives the basic rundown.

All in all, we use it for little "yahoo stickers" (I call the people that want stupid stuff like calvin pee, or a butterfly, or a dragon, or something like that to go on their vehicle a yahoo).

For that it works fine, it's something I can get done in 15 min or less and I'm $15.00 richer. In essence I use it to take care of all my scrap vinyl.

For high end applications like putting a magnet together, or lettering for a commercial vehicle, vinyl for coroplast signs or banners, I use my Roland. I know it won't cut through my vinyl, it won't leave skid marks on the vinyl, etc.

Is that kindav the type of comparison you were looking for?
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Brian, thank you for the response, that was pretty much what I was looking for. The level of detail you gave me, allows me to know what the actual technical difference between a "production" level machine, and a "hobbyist" machine are.

Gino, I don't feel like I was trying to limit the discussion to only "positive" feedback. However, I was trying to avoid everyone getting on a tear about "Chinese plotters suck, don't buy one". What I actually wanted to know was "why?". I wanted a specific, point by point breakdown of one users actual experiences. This is what Brian provided me with. With this information he provided me, I feel better informed to make a choice. Essentially, if I want to take my game to the next level now, I need to be thinking about something more robust like a Summa, Roland, or even a Qe series at bare minimum. It sounds like the Enduracut would be more of the same crap I've been dealing with.

Have I been using a Chinese plotter to make signs. Yes. Is it a PITA most of the time? Yes. Thanks to Brian now, it seems like I'd be getting more of the same, unless I make the effort to jump up to the next price bracket.

OldPaint - thanks for bringing my attention that Roland. It definitely seems like a steal, but looks like I was too slow ( my fault for not getting online the whole weekend ).

Thanks everyone for your responses.