Need tips on mouting large format print job


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Hi All,

I'm in deperate need of tips on mounting large format, 4'x8' print job to substrate without creasing... I've tried several techniques which were successful on the 3'x6' prints, but not with the 4'x8'.. We're going nuts, and I need to deliver soon...

Any help would be greatly appareciate..

Oh yeah, any tips on how to remove SAV from substrate would be appareciated as well... What a pain to undo what has been dune done...


If you do these regularly I suggest investing in a Big Squeegee. Hands down the fastest, and easiest way to lay down big prints on flat substrates.


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Center Hinge. solo 5x10 alumalite couple months ago. I over size prints a hair to allow for fudge room.


Yep, center hinge and DEFF get a big squeegee. Signs by dale makes them and are great for hand laminating and mounting prints.


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Just out of curiosity, how do you use the big squeegee *and* center hinge? We have one but haven't mastered it.

We still use application fluid even with the big squeegee. It basically just gets the print down but we still end up lifting it from the sides and squeegee the fluid out by hand with a regular squeegee.


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use a laminator or if you have to do it by hand buy some air release vinly ..
center hinges leave a line..


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Hi all.. SAV, self adhesive vinyl... sorry for that.

I went with the center hinge as you guessed it, i don't have laminator, but have one on my list of things to look at... Thank you for your help!


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I saw the big squeegee in action - that would work well.

I almost always lay the big ones down wet.
(when the print is laminated)
I'll flood both the substrate and the back of the print.
Fold the print in half - line up two corners slowly unfold the print, line up the other two corners and work it out from the center.


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Yeah I lay all big digital print down wet. funny thing is thats how we laminate our print too, but i have never heard anybody say they do here?

We lay the print on substrate on the table upside down, remove the backing from the vinyl, wet the entire back side of the print with "soapy water"****DO NOT GET THE BACKING PAPER WET BEFORE REMOVING IT!!!******
Then we move the print and wet the substrate entirely. Now we flip the print over and position it. The print will slide when wet. When we have the corners lined up and the print is smooth enough we squeege from the center out. Same process for lamination. :clapping:

Bill Binns

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I have been wet installing for 20+ years. When we had a 46" laminator (why does anyone buy a 46" laminator?), we would premask the larger prints, wet install the print (I have found that window tinting squeegees or screen printing squeegees work awesome, just keep the surface wet and work it out in quadrants) peel the premask then wet install my laminate, again keep the surface wet with soapy water - a few drops in a spray bottle of lemon joy) The screen printing squeegees work exceptionally well for this, you just have to use some pressure and any residual water will dry out in time. Tack rags are quite helpful keeping dirt and that inevitable hair out, too.:toasting:


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One thing you didn't mention was if the print is laminated, or premasked? I prefer to just laminate, then hinge 1" from the end and use the big squeegee from there...dry. If unlaminated, then premask to give dimensional stability (to keep print from stretching), and hinge the same way.