Need to manipulate a PDF in illy


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I need to manipulate a PDF in illy. I have placed it, flattened it, rasterized it, and to no avail. Is what I need to do even possible? Any feedback is appericiated.


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Sounds like the elements were flattened prior to it getting to you. If in outline mode you don't see any vector elements, you have nothing to work with.


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If the PDF is originally from a pixel file you will not be able to do any editing in Illustrator. Play around with it in Photoshop if its only text you will be changin.



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If it is a vector file, when you click "Place" and it wants to know which file to place, in the bottom left corner there are 2 boxes: Link and Template. Make sure Link is checked and not template.

After you find the file, a Place PDF window pops up. I like "Art" for the Crop To option. Maybe mess around with that.