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New Daige Quikmount4

We do not have a Daige BUT we did speak to many owners.

Their response: Save your money and buy something else.

We even spoke to Daige. They have a non-chalant attitude that everything else in the competition's laminators/mounters are just "fluff". One example is the dual pressure knobs.

Having seen the competition's machines actually run, and then looking at the Daige - the added features are not just added fluff, especially since the high-end Chinese laminators are only $4k.

If your are truly interested, email or PM for the info.


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Im not looking to purchase Just happened to notice they have a new model out..and one of the changes that cought my eye is they no longer use the "sled" ..

I was more interested in what others might think being, The "sled Idea" was one of the problems people where having with the unit..along with others.. and was curious to see if the changes they made are helping the unit..

This post was more for general chit-chat than anything else.

Fred Weiss

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I had one and returned it after being unable to get satisfactory results. In discussing it with the factory people, they indicated that the machine was primarily intended to be a mounting machine and not a laminator or a masker. My understanding is that they have since changed that mindset but my thoughts on the machine are that they built it way too light to do the job very well or for very long.


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I haven't even seen the new unit, but we have an older one, and it's about ready to become a doorstop. In the past couple of weeks we've actually hand-laminated a few prints!



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Takes some practice to get it right. I've mounted ???? 5000-6000 sq ft on mine. Still using it. Will beat the crap out it until dead to get my $1500 worth.
I laminate with it too using a sled. I use a 4 x 8 sheet .25 polypropolene. Nothing sticks to it.

I run 4 x 8 sheets of Omega board all the time. I just start the edge of the vinyl by hand, then stick the board to the rollers and feed in the first 2 inches. Peel back the backing and go.

These machines had a bad problem of walking the media. I fixed mine by taping the upper roller in place so it can't walk over and wrinkle. As long as the print / lam starts straight it will slap down just fine.

Yes it's a piece of crap. But you can get it to work.