New guy in Austin


Hey folks, checking in with a hello. I've been watching the board for about a couple months now. I have a home-based office / workspace, starting up with the basic small format stuff so far. I have a used Lynx and it's working very well so far. I bought a business' production setup who was using it in house for their own signs. Lucky to start off with a stack of vinyl, whole mess of CDs and Flexi Pro!

My background is semiconductor engineering, I sit in a cube all day really. I've enjoyed my first projects, getting my hands busy.

So far I've done:

A pair of aluminum rider signs for a outside office-space sign.

A set of economy truck magnets.

A foamboard based temporary lobby sign.

I have more jobs lined up for more three more mag customers and a couple banners.

Thanks to all the contributors- I've been learning a lot from the design and install tips!

I have started my website, the layout is done, just trying to figure out how to list product offerings- rather tricky since everything is custom.



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I just visited my daughter in Austin last fall for an awesome October day wake surfing on the lake!