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New in the Biz.


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Hello everyone, I am very new to this business. I have done photography for many years and also CNC and robotics repair. I'm getting older so I am not quite the nimble monkey I used to be when repairing machines so time for a change.

I purchased a heat press, mug press, and recently a Pcut plotter(i know, I know but money is tight). Tried some sublimation and I had 2 Epson 1280s turn into boat anchors from ink clogging issues so I am soured a little on that.

The t-shirt biz looks good and small vinyl signs look good too. So I am all ears and eyes for all the good info out here. The learning curve is steep but I will hang in there.

This seems to be a good site with good info and nice members.

Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Air Art Girl

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Welcome. There is good money in short run Tshirts. You need to look into Specialty Materials products. You cut the product in reverse on the plotter then heat press onto the shirts. I use a ton of this stuff. Here is a picture of a 3 color I did this weekend. You already have the plotter and heat press. Here are a few I did this weekend. $50 a pop


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Thanks for all the welcomes. I have a lot to learn but I am an old fart (49)so I still have time. I pick up a little info everytime I come here.