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new member intro


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Hi folks,
Bob G was asking me about use of an image of mine for a lesson he has planned. He mentioned an interest in posting the lesson in a few forums I was aware of, as well as this one.

I may have heard of this site once or twice, but finally checked it out. looks great so far from a quick look-see.

The first page that appeared "invited" me to introduce myself (as I guess most here have experienced in the past) so I will do so briefly.

I began working for an architectural sign company as an architectural draftsman in 1989. I began my self-taught understanding of computer graphics on the job at that company. I quickly realized that my ambitions twords an architectural career had been replaced by my immediate attraction to many aspects of graphic design & sign making. I spent the next 8 years at various signshop jobs spread over 3 states, 3 computer platforms (counting DOS) & at least 4 different specializations (architectural, quicky-sticky, engraving & screenprinting)

In 1997, I found myself in a position to take over a screenprinting-only signshop with a bunch of archaic equipment, a handful of repeat clients, & a business name & phone number that had a 20 year history on this small island.
The terms were unbeatable, so I dragged my ambitious, yet financially destitute self up to the plate.

To me the rest is history, My life literally changed overnight. I gave up many self-sabotaging habits & began feeding off not only my known passion for sign design & production, but much to my surprise (& benefit) I discovered that the requirements & responsibilities of owning & running a business (of which I had no training) suited my personality almost as much as the production & design aspects.

So that about sums up any relevant introduction I would like to make.

(oh yeah, one more thing... I may be prone to long winded posts :) )


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Aloha Kouko,
Howzit, welcome to Signs101, great to see more familiar faces.



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Welcome Doug, not to worry I'm well known for long winded posts however I'll make this one short.