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Jim Hill

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I live in Florida and have been in painting signs for about 10 years along with pinstriping and other custom paint work.

About five years ago I purchased an ALPS MD-5000 printer for making decals.

I am now interested in learning more about the vinyle sign world and the which printers &plotters to use.

I am looking for a good system to make decals in short runs and would also like to find a way to laminate these decals.

I look forward to a new learning experience.

Jim Hill


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Welcome! Just moved FROM Florida, (Miami, Downtown) to Austin, Texas.

As far as your question, they have loads of laminators out there, you need to see them in action to form your decision on a purchase.
There is a Sign Business show coming to Houston soon, check it out.

And Good Luck!


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Bonjour de Montréal, Jim :)