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Hi my name is Charlene Smith, I am the new General Manager for SharpSigns in Forsyth MO. We do sandblasted, vinyl, routed, and unique signs. SharpSigns does both wholesale and retail accounts.

I am new to sign business and trying to learn Flexi Signs. It is nothing like the desktop publishing I am use to LOL. I hope to learn a lot from you guys and will help when I can.

Are there any other General Managers on here? I just started this position and would like to know how you handle production schedules, what the average salary is for this position (want to know if I am being robbed LOL) etc.

Fred Weiss

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Welcome to our boards Charlene. :signs101:

You'll probably do better at getting replies to you questions if you post them individually in the category that suits them best.


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Welcome Charlene from Texas I suspect most here are owner operators & we get robbed daily long hours Low pay LOL hopefully we can help we do have very knowledgeable people here.:Welcome: 2:signs101: ask away


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Welcome from another wet PA sign shop.

I'm sure you'll get all of your questions answered sooner or later.

Just start asking, everyone here is eager to help… :thumb:


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Average Salary

I would assume the average salary, if there is such a thing, is a function of how many people you're responsible for and how many $$ you're responsible for. There should be a national organization that tracks this stuff by region. In screen printing there is the SGIA (Screen Graphics Industries of America, or something like that) which takes periodic surveys of sales, salaries, material costs, etc and then publishes their results. They normally charge for the results unless you are a member of their organization or unless you participate in the survey. I always participate in those surveys. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also has information like that in the public domain and it is searchable on the internet. Census bureau also has some info on wages. If you feel like you're being ripped off, you probably are. If you're happy with your current job, I wouldn't worry about what anyone else makes and just be content.


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Welcome from the racing capitol of the world!

Racing capitol.:help: Daytona isn't anything to sneeze at.:Cool 2: Just kiddin. Used to go there every year.:thumb: