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new problem with saved .tif files not opening...


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I have recently added a server to my work flow, & as a result of taking on an employee as well as the upcoming addition of new equipment, I have also added 2 computers. I'm not sure which, if any, of these changes contributed to this new problem... but I have been having a lot of trouble on several occassions... but not every time... when I save a .tif file to the folder on the server, & then later I try to open it on another computer.

The problem is this... If I try to import one of these problem files into Omega it says "Invalid file format" ... if I try to open it in photoshop, it says something like "can not open the file, it is locked. Go to properties in windows explorer & unlock file"

..but if I go to properties in windows explorer... nothing is unusual... it isn'r checked as "read only", "hidden" or "archive"... & I've never seen it say "lock" in the properties window???

Bobby H

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The problem will likely be boiled down to a permissions issue between the server and whatever computer is trying to access files across the network. Is this a Windows-based server? Linux? MacOSX?

Can you copy files from the server to another computer's local hard disc? You might try doing that with one of the TIFF images to see if you still have the same problem when importing from the local hard disc. If the problem persists even when the file is moved from the server then the file itself could be damaged or altered in some wierd way.

Tony Teveris

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File Attributes

I've seen a problem like this once with ICC profiles. Besides the file attributes you mentioned there are others and when programs attempt to open files there are a number of modes / codes / attributes that the program specifies.

What I found was if I set the archive attribute it was able to open the file. If this doesn't help let me know and I'll write some test code to see what "we" can learn.


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Thanks guys... I'm not sure what makes some files do this & other files not do it, but I copied the image from the offending file (on the one machine I could still open it from) & pasted in a new page, then saved to the server & it opened fine in Omega & Photoshop on the other computer.

As for Bobby's suggestion (it is a dell server on a PC network) when I tried to copy it to the hard drive of the production workstation it would not allow this & brought up the same "lock" dialog box.

Tony, I remember "archive" being one of the boxes I had seen in the past, but when I checked the properties of this particular file it only offered hidden or read only. You suggest that "I set the archive attribute " I did see an "advanced" button next to those other choices, but when there it had 2 boxes checked for "file is ready for archiving" or "for fast searching..."

...so how do I set the attributes?

This issue is not critical since my copy/paste steps got me back in business... but it has been a somewhat annoying recurring problem, although intermittant... so learning more about how to minimize it would be great!