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new to mac?


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just bought a mac to add happiness to my customers.

installing a new hardrive,does it make any difference if i install os tiger or a higher version ?


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No.... But if its a new mac why are you installing a hard drive? is it an old MAC but new to you! If it is an old MAC like a G4 then it should still be OK as long as you have enough RAM.. i


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Boot Camp requires Mac OSX

supaegnt said:
just bought a mac to add happiness to my customers.

installing a new hardrive,does it make any difference if i install os tiger or a higher version ?

A tidbit to know is that you need OSX in order to install Boot Camp, which allows you to dual boot WinXP Pro on your system. I thought I had referred to this previously on Signs101.com, but I'm having trouble finding the link. Here essentially the same info posted on CADlink InfoSource.




Bill Modzel

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I'm trying to figure out your problem. Have you bought a NEW Mac or is it just new to you? If it's a new one, why are you installing an OS? It should already be there.
If you are adding an extra hard drive you do not need another operating system on it.
If you're replacing the main hard drive I'd ask what model mac are you working on? If you're installing Tiger on an older G4 make sure that you have at least a gig of Ram installed also.
Tiger IS the latest OS, 10.4.7 or maybe.8 as I thing there's an update I haven't downloaded yet.
. . .and as far as Rod's comment. BootCamp will only run on the NEW macs with Intel processors.


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below is the spec:

Machine Model: Power Mac G4
CPU Type: PowerPC G4 (2.0)
Number Of CPUs: 1
CPU Speed: 733 MHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 256 KB
Memory: 640 MB
Bus Speed: 133 MHz
Boot ROM Version: 4.2.5f1
Hardrive 40gb

i have a strong feeling with installation of adobe illustrator,photoshop,dreamweaver and a few more programs will cause constant crashes.

mark in tx

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The best thing you can do with that machine is install more memory. If that is a "quicksilver" machine, then max is 1.5 Gigabytes. Second best thing is a hard drive. It will take up to a 128 Gig IDE drive without a special utility program for the hard drive.

Check out www.lowendmac.com for great info.

If you will be running OS X on that machine, I don't think you have to worry about crashes. I have a G3 iMac, 700 mhz, 1 gig ram, 80 gig hard drive. It runs OS X, the latest version without a problem, I also have CS2 suite on the machine and I have yet to see it crash. It runs a little slow on some things, but it is a 4 year old computer.

A 4 year old iMac running the latest operating system and CS2.
Gotta love it.

Bobby H

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The "tiger" version of OSX is going to be geared toward top end G5 Macs and Intel-based Macs. It may run really slow on older G4 systems.

In order to run Bootcamp and install a full version of WindowsXP Pro as a 2nd OS you must have an Intel-based Mac.

That's actually one thing I am going to consider the next time I need to buy a desktop computer. I can run all my PC-based software natively on a new Mac and then be able to run Apple's Mac-only stuff in OSX.

The new 24" iMac looks pretty cool. 1920 X 1200 desktop on that machine.

The Vector Doctor

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mark in tx said:
A 4 year old iMac running the latest operating system and CS2.
Gotta love it.

I agree. I have 2 macs. A newer powerbook and an old blue and white 400mhz G3 desktop with 512mb. 7 years old and it runs OSX, Illustrator and Photoshop CS just fine. It came with OS 8.6 when bought new. It's not my primary machine, but I will eventually also be getting one of those Intel Macs for whenever I need to run Windows too. Best of both worlds.


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Run XP/MacOS

The new Macs with the Intel chips are great.

We've got them running Omega for our FX's Although I haven't tried our Matan's yet...

I guess the key is that the XP install for Macs is very stable. This is due well written drivers and a finite hardware config.

Not that you'll want to hang in Windows a lot.
Great software for Mac:
http://www.omnigroup.com/ - planning, mindmapping
http://www.linotype.com/fontexplorerX - ffont mgt. - free.
Rocks. Linotype.
www.versiontracker.com - best place to find mac software

Getting the Adobe CS2 will keep you from a lot of pain in transferring files. Also, if you have jobs you know you're going to be switching back & forth; use OpenType fonts. That'll keep headaches to a minimum...