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I'm a newbie here too... but not to the biz. I had a shop for over 13 years. Mostly doing graphic design, including logos, illustrating, and even product packaging and labels of all varieties. In addition, I started cutting vinyl for small signs and making 4-color stuff for my clients and other designers, eventually supplying several other shops with full color graphics.

Now, we are semi-retired and have moved to the coast (although I do have a shop in the basement and don't plan on giving it up anytime soon).

I'm looking to share what I've learned and maybe learn some more. One thing I'm convinced of: The more you know, the more you know you don't know!

Although I have been successfuly doing 3-M certified outdoor graphics for over 6 years, I have yet to make a profit from my Roland ColorCam... I know there are some out there that say they do.
Anybody out there willing to convince me:help:

Looking forward to the buzzz...

the StickerChic
(I know the Design Police, and they are us)

Fred Weiss

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Hi StickerChic and welcome to our boards. I've been to your lovely Coos Bay and hope to visit again someday.

I could put you together with a few folks I know with ColorCamms and between you you might have a good boat anchor. It was, IMHO, a poorly conceived piece of hardware which gained undeserved popularity for a while.


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Hi StickerChic! I'm up near Seattle, have some friends that moved to the little town of Lebanon, OR (near Albany) about a year ago.


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Hi all,
I'm still optimistic! The spot colors available make it worth persuing for small labels. Poorly conceived? I, like the many others that bought into the concept thought it was a great idea, the problem was in the execution. The open plotter design is it's major flaw. I have had other thermal wax printers that worked flawlessly in an office environment. They were closed to the elements and were devoid of voids (pun intended). If only I had a temperature controlled, hermetically "clean" room, my problems would be solved!

Thanks for your input.