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New to the forum


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i'm tim and i'm a addicted to making signs. LOL

we run a sign and screen printing biz out of our house in iowa....

uhm... other than that we been doing signs and stuff for about 6 - 8 months now and still learning..



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Iowa? I love Iowa! How far are you from Boise?

Sorry, I had to ask:biggrin: One of the funniest t-shirts I I saw was a black and gold one that read, University of Iowa, Idaho City, Ohio... those vowel states are confusing, ya know. buuuuut, I s'pose ya hafta be from there to appreciate it, huh?.

I still do "field inspections" via the corn cam http://iowafarmer.com/corn_cam/ to reminisce of the days of misspent youth watching corn grow...



hey Tim glad to see you make it over Tell Amy I said hi to her too


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welcome Tim from here in Texas a friend of mine lives in Iowa & tells me about the only thing to do is paint & chase the cows out of the shop. He paints custom bikes & his shop burnt down about a year ago he goes by stang. Probably like Texas too manymiles to know many