New to the Industry....


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But have trolled for a while. (Troll. I hate trolls. Dark Elves FTW. :) ) New to the Sign Industry having been hired on for Outside Sales for Sign-A-Rama in Orangeburg, S.C. Entering my 2nd month here and have browsed just about every topic on the forums and figured it was about time to just go on and say hi and throw my name out into the ether of the website. :beer :thankyou: :signs101:


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Welcome from PA.

Sign-A-Rama.... I've heard that name before... I just can't remember where or when. Don't tell me.... it'll come to me.




Huh, No, don't tell me yet, I'm still workin' on it.................


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Get out now. Don't stop, run away as fast as you can!

Just Kidding!

Welcome to Signs101, and the industry from the land of cheese!

Good Luck to you.



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Welcome. Glad you're looking to learn stuff. Most Sign-A-Rama guys seem to be content with knowing nothing but blabbing that they know everything...

oooops. Did I just say that out loud?



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New to the Industry

:Welcome: To a teriffic bunch of folks, who love to help the poor lowly Newbies.:biggrin:
I know that I'm also a newbie [ my 2nd post]. But, I'll tell you something. I asked a question and received some excellant replies, which really helped me.


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Hey, Hows your mama?, Sorry southern joke.
Welcome, from La. I'm newish here as well, You will learn alot around here,
just don't ask about 3 things.

1. Master Cutters,
2. Rapid-tac
3. Avery's customer service...