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Victory Signs

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Hi all. I am new to this forum. I am full time at a County fire department and run my sign business on nights weekends and whenever I get a day off. I have been doing the signs for about 3 1/2 years and it pays for all my hobbies. I race Legends cars on asphalt ovals and Show my 68 firebird convertible I restored. With 2 jobs and family plus hobbies I wonder how I find time to sleep. I hope that I can learn something new here and maybe I can pass along a tip every now and then. Hope to see everyone in Orlando next week. Randy


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Hi Randy Welcome to the forum. :Welcome:

I also race legends cars, But i race on the dirt. I'll be going on my 4 year
racing legends. Post a pic of you car i would love to see it.


  • Walber Racing legend car2.jpg
    Walber Racing legend car2.jpg
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:Welcome: to the forum from the "Racing Capital Of The World".
We have a pretty big race coming up in about another month called the Indy 500.... (Heard of it??) :Big Laugh Ha ha...

We all look forward to hearing more from you soon and will do our best to help you when you need advice.