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New to Vehicle Wraps/Outdoor signs

Ginger Crespo

New Member
I am new to all of this. I don't actually work with this material, but I work in an office that sells vehicle wraps and outdoor advertising signs. I want to be sure we are using the best materials for our advertising clients, that are cost effective and easily removable in very hot temperatures...Las Vegas. Any direction or help is appreciated. Specifically, about back lit materials including flexcon litecal, metromark, 3M Scotchcal and different laminates as well, 3M8520, etc.

Thanks in advance!


Merchant Member
I think you will get alot of mixed reviews. Every application will have limits based on your material, for car wraps, are they long term or short term? Same question will apply to the backlit.

Ginger Crespo

New Member
I'm looking for opinions from those who are experienced. I just need some information to start with...I understand there will be varying reviews. I think that somewhere in them, I'll find my answers.

Fine Designs

New Member
We live in arizona and it all depends what you are doing as to what film is best for the job. What all are you doing?


Active Member
I'm in the upper mid-west. Arlon's 6000 series with 3220 gloss laminate is our go to for vehicles or outdoor signage. For things up less than a year we've had good luck with Kapco's calendared material. YMMV