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Newber Doober


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G'Day & :Welcome: to :signs101: from Steve in :Australia needing more :Coffee: though I should be :Sleeping: seeing how many :smile: 's I can use in one :cool1: post like this:thankyou: :thankyou: :thankyou:
Have fun here dude :thumb:
:Oops: overuse of :smile: 's
Steve:Australia :Big Laugh


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Colorspan 72UVR .. Lucky dog you... That thing can print on thick stuff .. over 1in?? Whats the strangest thing you put in there. I saw an add for a printer where they printed directly on garage doors.. hehe



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Hey from Central Cal. I just moved back here a year ago to my hometown after living/working in Seattle for 9 years. Loved living in West Seattle and my walks down on Alki. Oh, and Pegusus Pizza! Yeah!