Newbie from Chicago.


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Well ive been in the party business for about 3yrs now. have grown the biz well. branching out into new ideas to see what happens. ive let the people give me ideas of what i should add if i recive enough requests. so for my next project ive decided to get into signs. ive been at it for about 2 months now getting my self setup. just starting out small doing my own advertising and now iam starting to get some business coming in.

the way i started off with my signs is straight forward and to the point so everyone can read them and not some mumbo jumbo. so far i think thats the right start. iam always open to anything anyone has to say.

ive been asking alot of questions to some of the sign shops i know in the area trying to get a better feel of things. after reading some of the posts on here iam just hungrier for more info and to better my self.

thanks in advance,

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Welcome from Sydney ...Well, my advice is if you're serious about bettering yourself and your business, become a Premium Subscriber, lots of stuff in the Premium Sections. You can join for a month if you like, check it out, you'll be glad you did.


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What type of signs do you plan to produce? What methods are you going to produce said signage?



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Thanks everyone,

Right now iam just cutting vinyl to put on windows, coro and so on. the reason i first started this was to produce yard signs and banners to put a personal touch for parties and advertising for the biz. but little by little ive been asked for a bit more then what i originally planned for. the more ive looked into this the more ive become addicted to learn more. but thats just the way iam with everything i get into.