Newbie in SoCal


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Greetings. I've been lurking mostly, posting sometimes and have recieved some excellent help and support from a lot of folks here but have never formally introduced myself so here goes. My name is Lon and I work for Victory Display and Store Fixtures based in Gardena, CA. We do a little bit of everything from large format digital printing to dimensional signage to ground up fabrication from wood, acrylic plastic and metal. When somebody asks me "What can you guys do?" my usual response is "We can do whatever you're willing to pay for!":smile: I've been a print room tech for going on ten years but now it looks like I'll be moving into management. Which is good...but increases my area of responsibility to the point where I'll be looked to to solve print room problems on my own (manage staff, order materials, do design work, fix printers) so you'll be seeing me around here more often. Seems like a good place not only for work but just to hang out. I'm 41 years old, wife, kid, house, dog, etc. Thanks, everyone.