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Hey everyone,

I've been lurking on these forums a few weeks and figured I'd drop some information about myself.

I'm from Virginia, and picked up a Designjet 5500UV about a year ago as an introduction to wide format printing. The machine needed a bit of work to get it operational, but with some help from this forum, and Google I was successful, and learned a fair amount along the way.

Owning a retail store, I found myself selling mostly outdoor banners. The media was costly, and I found a liquid lamination was the best fit to protect the banners from the elements... adding additional cost.

I decided to looks at solvent printers when I came across an affordable HP Designjet 9000s. I know what a nightmare these machines can be to someone new, and without any sort of mechanical ability. Luckily, I am eager to learn and posses a decent amount of mechanical ability.

I was able to restore the print heads that had clogged nozzles, and get my old and frustrating Wasatch Soft-rip 5.3 printing.

I come here to do some more research on medias, Rip software, and lamination. Hopefully I will get this machine making me some money, and document my findings for someone else!