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Lurked a few days on the forum and now introducing myself.

I have been in the carpentry biz for over 25 years (trim carpentry) self employed. Back is slowly catching up with me after all the years of work.

Now the part that some wont want to hear from reading though the forum (go ahead and flame if so be). I decided to pick up a M (!%^$) plotter to just save a few bucks on my own truck trailer signs and a few yard signs awhile back. This was after 2 sets of vinyl basicly fell off my truck windows from a local shop that installed in here, long story ( very pointed font corners, shop didnt clean the rainX off the windows properly).

Well after doing a few doors and trailers for people to pay for the M (!%^$) plotter, I found it to be alot more fun then swinging a nailgun all day. And my back thanks me also. So I decided to give it an honest shot at paying the bills or at least starting too. I have invested in more into it and tryed to learn most of the tips and tricks that I can on my own. I havent given up the other business yet (gone part time with it however) but hope someday I can. My wife works full time in a graphic dept. which helps me out very much on that end on the computer side of it. Plus I dont need to weed when she makes the perfect tweezer replacement.

Anyway, Thats my story... And I'm sticking to it. :biggrin:

BTW I am from the frozen (at least today) state of Mn

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:Welcome: to:signs101: from kansas and good luck to your new business, study hard and do good work and you should be full time in no time.:Coffee: