Nobody wants to service my Roland Versacamm SP-300

If you are at all mechanically inclined, I am very good at phone tech support. I have a customer in the Bahamas, a young lady who I have walked through various issues, including print head changes, capping issues, encoder issues, removing and replacing circuit boards, etc. I can help you determine if you have a bad head, blown fuse or bad head driver transistors on the main board. The fuse and transistor replacement can be done by myself, or if you know someone who is good at soldering very tiny components. You will learn about your machine and save money at the same time. Call me during the week if you want to give it a try. Like solventinkjet said, one of the easiest printers out there to work on. Just make sure you have a meter for resistance measurements. I believe in Karma also!


We spoke some time ago about your issue and you were going to get back to me when you had a meter so I could help you. However, I never heard back from you. The offer to help still stands...
I know, but you are in Florida

centerville, and jim

give me an address i will loan you a meter, some clip leads & anything else you think will help

i am still settingbup our new shop, not doing a great job of sticking to my schedule and will help as much as i can with this.

Jim Hill

There are a number of problems to overcome when you own what they call a Legacy printer which is what you now have.

1. Roland considers these printers Legacy models because of their age. These were really great printers but Roland would rather sell you a brand new one instead of servicing these printers so you will not be able to get a tech who is Roland Cerfitifed and who works for Roland or one of their dealers to service your printer.

That is really not a big deal since their our a number of techs willing to service your printer for you all over the country.

Another problem will be finding parts but again they are available you just have to find them and using this site is an excellent way of doing it.

Right now just finding the right vinyl in a 30" length is getting harder each time I have to reorder and now I am on a waiting list to purchase the vinyl.
I really don't want to have to order a 60" roll and then cut it in half for a number of different reasons.

I would prefer to use OEM replacement parts but since Roland has told me they will not sell them to me or at least that is what the Roland Dealer is telling me.
For now, I can still find the parts I need through dealers like Solvent Ink Jet in Denver, and I have also purchased some parts from China where they are more than happy to pick up the business that Roland does not want.

These printers are real workhorses and the kiss of death for these printers is to sit for days or weeks without being used.
On Signs 101 there are many people willing to help you and answer your questions which is a huge asset.

When I purchased my printer in 2010 I never used a Roland SP-300 before they or served one but for me, that has always been part of the fun in owning these printers.

Best of luck with your New Printer. Jim


if you send me your address, i will send youna meter, tedt leads, clipleads and whatever we think you might need to let jim and imhelp,younget fixed, if you are up for the experience


I called 4 different companies and only Diversified called me back
Not kidding, but have you checked youtube for any info? Or maybe one of these guys responding above could just tell you what it is if you could get your own meter or one from netsol, and Jim Hancock can walk you through trouble shooting your issues.
Or you could keep complaining about a retired machine and go buy a latex. They are stupid simple to run and dirt cheap.