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'nother Font ID


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Fred Weiss

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bpatrick3 said:
Have you guys checked this site out, it helps sometimes
Just for the record, since I keep seeing posts suggesting using WhattheFont and other such services, requests for font ID's are welcome here at Signs 101. This site is first and foremost dedicated to improving the various skill sets needed to be a professional signcrafter. When fonts are posted and identified here, members here benefit. So why send people away?

Speaking for myself, I have, until recently, been a type dealer since 1991. In 1994, together with a programmer, I developed and published FontFinder, the first program to automate the identification of unknown typestyles for printed samples. Later my company was the US distributor for FontExpert Typeface Recognition software. I have identified type professionally, for fees, since 1996. And I have made lots of posts here attempting to share that knowledge.

More recently, another member, Vdoc has also been jumping in with highly accurate identifications.

So bring them on. Font ID's are like crossword puzzles to me. I enjoy doing them.:Cool 2:


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I use What The Font at MyFonts.com quite a bit. It often tells me the correct one, but also doesn't. That's when I turn here. Thanks a lot Fred!


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Sorry Fred! I understand what you are saying, My intention was not to send people away but to share resources with them and in turn have them come back for more.
Thank you for your time and dedication to this site.

Fred Weiss

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gROUND cHUCK said:
Is there one that you would recommend? (not to expensive)

I recommend FontExpert ($149 from Smart Designs) coupled with TypoGraf ($35 from Neuber.com). Then take every font you have and copy them on a hard drive or file server. Next, using TypoGraf, sort and move the fonts into categorizied directories to end up with smaller groups to browse later. Like all scripts go in one folder etc.

Finally, feed all your fonts into the FontExpert database generator to create a second database to be included on all searches using the database that comes with FontExpert.

You will also need a copy of Photoshop to process images into the image types that FontExpert can work with.

With this setup, and a lot of practice, you can identify the majority of unknown font samples that come your way. Those that are not modified will only take a few minutes. Those that have been stretched, condensed arched, slanted, etc. will take longer.