Old FJ50 Drains Ink

I had a Mimaki JV3 that died so I went on a quest for a reasonable replacement. Bought a FJ50 from wide format conversions in Ohio. Runs
great but, I came in on Monday to find it had drained all the ink from three cartridges. Roland say's good luck.
Anyone ever had this happen and if so what was the fix?


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it's common. happened to me on my jv3. if you every get a constant contact of ink between the bottom of the head and the top of the cap whether liquid or mechanical, the ink will begin to syphon through the machine. there is constant light positve pressure inside your ink lines. the ink is always wanting to run out down through the heads,,, just not enough weight behind the ink to do it.

check to see if the capping station is set too high, heads too low, did you do a head soak that drained out starting the syphon, swollen sponges can be to blame but your printer probably has those coral like sponge things.


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If the printer is switched off and you move the head 4" across to the left do you see a small blob of ink appear under the head itself after a minute or so?

If you do the issue may be around the ink cartridges and the pressure around the ink bags.

Hope this helps.


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Ink Drain

Artbot is right, unless you are using bulk ink. Bulk ink reqires that ink levels be just right or else you push ink into the head with too much back pressure.


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no, then you will create contamination, and if left too long the ink will make it all the way back into the other cart and then you'll have created a new unusable color :)

how old is the capping station?