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OMEGA vs. Flexi


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My plot quality has been going down hill in Omega with small type.
Corners are rounded.....checked the head on my Graphtec inside and out and found no problems....Exported a file as an .eps and brought it into Flexi...
almost perfect cut......what gives??
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Spot Color

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I own both but all I do with Gerber is drive my edge. As a design software Omega is really a week bunch of code. I have had a whole list of issues with it for 3 years. Every time I'm sent a patch or fix from Gerber some new issue arises.

Is your flexi on the same system as Omega? Are you using Omega for your design work or just output? If your new to Flexi I think, when you get use to it, you'll rarely use Omega. As for your cutting issues, is the cutter new? Have you had this problem long?


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I use OMEGA only to cut.....

design in COREL.....see myself using FLEXI only to cut as well only because I'm a speed demon in it. I didn't touch any settings in Omega or my cutter that's why I was stumped as to the decline in OMEGA.
I'll wind up selling the software and key.

Fred Weiss

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In Omega GSPPlot, press the F7 key > Settings to open the Plotter Settings screen. Adjust the slider for More or Less Sharp Corners. Make sure that the Use Settings box is checked. Do some test cuts until you have it as you want and then save the settings as a preference.

These settings will be different for each type of vinyl, so you will have to adjust and save as preference for each.

You may find that Speed or Acceleration settings will have an effect on your cornering as well.


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Bobby H

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It never hurts to check your plotter drivers. I don't use Omega. However, a lot of updates I've received over the years (first for CASmate and then for Flexi) some of the updates would include new drivers for various plotters.

Fred Weiss

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My guess is you aren't using a supported plotter then. What model Graphtec is it and what driver are you using?

Fred Weiss

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Not sure how Gerber handles it then. Looking in GSP System Tray, the FC2100 series is supported but only up to the FC2100-90. You might try installing that as a secondary plotter to see if it will clear up the cutting issue.

Tony Teveris

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Omega - Graphtec

Omega treats the Graphtec cutter as a simple HPGL cutter. No special feature support, etc. If the cuts were good at one time and now they are not I'd be looking at the cutter (blade), not the software.

The difference in the software maybe in the way the software "breaks" down the curve data into small "chords". I believe Gerber uses a chord derivation (error) of .0005", the small that number the more data / segments, the larger that number the less data / segments.