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I posted this the other day (and thanks for all the info) but I have one more question. What are recommended products for removing the adhesive and cleaning this awning material?


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You might try Denatured Alcohol and lotsa elbow grease.

Be careful. You know it will be easier to do if you take it down and do it inside your shop, rather than in the heat with the sun beating down on you.

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what I done in the past is spraying with rapid remover, let it soak for 3-5 minutes, and scrape off the glue with a brand new sharp squigeee. You dont really want to wipe the glue with any paper towel etc, you gotta soften it (with rapid remover) and then scrape it off. Usually goes off fairly easy.


+1 to rapid remover... also removes the yellow ghosting from illuminated signage.
+1 to not wiping with a towel, too much work... scrub it in with a squeegee to break it down, then worry about cleaning up the mess afterwards.

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Be careful not to stretch the vinyl fabric in the process. you don't want any stretched wrinkles added to the mix,...also we used to use mineral spirits for glue removal then a quick rinse with denatured alchohol, failures to date,...